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This bundle contains two courses in a thorough introduction to English grammar. You will learn about the basic structure of sentences and the word categories used to make up those structures.

This course is great for people wanting to learn the scientific structure of language or those who want to teach ESL at some point in life.

In these two courses you will learn:

  • 47 word categories
  • adjective, qualifier, noun, proper noun, cardinal numeral, ordinal numeral, quantifier, definite article, indefinite article, possessive, interrogative, demonstrative, personal pronoun, reflexive pronoun, preposition, adverb, progressive, perfective, auxiliary, modal, negation, coordinating conjunction, correlative conjunction, reaction signal, discourse particle, verb, gerund, infinitive, particle, passive, expletive, interrogative pronoun, interrogative determiner, subordinate conjunction, conjunctive adverb, relative pronoun, relative determiner, present participial, past participial, complementizer, wh-subordinator
  • 18 types of phrases and clauses
  • adjective phrase, noun phrase, preposition phrase, adverb phrase, verb phrase, progressive phrase, perfective phrase, auxiliary phrase, negation phrase, modal phrase, gerund phrase, infinitive phrase, adverbial clause, relative clause, present participial phrase, past participial phrase, noun clause, wh-clause
  • 16 types of functions
  • subject, predicate, determiners, pronoun, object of preposition, genitive, modifier, direct object, indirect object, predicate noun, predicate adjective, predicate adverb, object complement, adverbial, appositive, vocative
  • 8 inflections
  • plural, genitive, third person singular, past, past participle, present participle, comparative, superlative

You will learn this content through:

  • Over 240 lecture slides
  • Over 100 lecture videos
  • 11 worksheets containing over 300 practice problems with full solutions